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Mustard - 100 Bands (Lyrics) Ft. Quavo, 21 Savage, YG & Meek Mill

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“Mustard - 100 Bands feat. Quavo, 21 Savage, YG & Meek Mill”
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⚡️Popping big bands when they hit the lights, damn

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[Intro: Quavo & YG]
Whoop, woo!
Y'all already know who I am? Right?
Mustard on the beat, ho
Let's go

[Chorus: Quavo]
Hunnid bands (Oh, woo), hunnid bands (Oh, woo)
Hunnid bands (Oh), hunnid bands (Oh, hunnid bands)
Ten bands (Oh, ten bands) in the right hand (Oh, right)
Ten bands (Oh, hey) in my left hand (Oh, let's go, yeah)

[Verse 1: Quavo]
Make her best friend (Woo) be her hype man (Hype man)
You keep going big (Woo) she wanna fight, damn (Going big)
Bad bitches in my city catching flights, damn (Bad)
Popping big bands when they hit the lights, damn (Cash)
I pull down on your city
In your city, they fuck with me (City)
And these bitches fucking with me
'Cause I represent my city (Fuck with me)
In the kitchen, you can witness
All this cash that we gettin' (Whoop)
If you started, we gon' finish
Whole gang with the bidness (Here we go, bidness, bow)

[Verse 2: 21 Savage]
What's a hunnid racks? I throw it real quick (Straight up)
Thought it was a limp, this way this stripper do a split (Split)
One nine four two, get the bad bitches lit (On god)
New Chanel purse, every time she throw a fit (Straight up)
Drop it to the floor, make your knees touch your toes (21!)
I'm on group facetime, me and all my hoes (On god)
You can send me nudes, on my mom I won't expose (Straight up)
Halfback sweep, I'ma pass her to my bros (Sweet)
Fake kick, I'ma let my brother catch the two point
Bitches like singles, Savage always got a new joint
Thought he was a gangster, but he snitching yeah, oink, oink
Work too hard bitch, you can't get a coin, coin (21!)

[Verse 3: YG]
Santa Claus bag, hoe sit up on you (Hoe sit)
Suge Knight bag, had the shooters get up on you (Flip)
You see the red Lamborghini as I hit the corner (As I hit the corner)
YG got his shit together, he a business owner (Oh, oh)
Popping tags, shopping bags, n***a I gotta brag (Gotta brag)
The YSL don't fit, I ain't take it back (Fuck that shit)
Ella Mai trippin', we do a lot of that (A lot of that)
But it ain't ever 'bout a bitch, we trip to cobble Jack (Skrrt, ayy)
Big bands on me drumline (Big bands)
I just let the money talk, don't need no punchline
I like the sunshine so I said, "Fuck the rules" (What is that?)
If you 'bout a bag, holla suu whoop (Let's go!)

[Verse 4: Meek Mill]
More money (More money), more bitches (More bitches)
More milli's (More milli's), more riches (Yeah)
Uno, dos, tres, quatro, I got four bitches
And they squatting on that dick like they doin' fitness
Said he looking for me, came through in the drop top (Skrrt)
Spent a corner in the dorm, while the opps watch (Let's get it)
I'm too rich to go through somethin' about a thot, thot (Huh)
Feds grabbed you, you back home, oh you a cop, cop (Huh)
This shit serious (This shit serious)
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