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Top 10 Relationship Lessons We Learned from Disney Movies

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Most Disney films end with fairytale happy endings, but they also teach us some valuable lessons along the way. For this list, we’re looking specifically at lessons dealing with relationships and love, as opposed to more general life lessons. We are also including Pixar movies in our considerations. Our list includes Take Things Slowly, Bring Out Each Other’s Strengths, It’s Okay to Ask for Help, Don’t Hide Your Emotions, Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover, and more! Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Relationship Lessons We Learned from Disney Movies.

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10. Take Things Slowly
9. Admit to & Learn from Your Mistakes
8. Bring Out Each Other’s Strengths
7. It’s Not Always Happily Ever After
6. It’s Okay to Ask for Help
5. Don’t Hide Your Emotions
4. You Have to Love Yourself First
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