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Main Hoon Lucky The Racer (Racegurram MKB) 2018 Latest Hindi Dubbed Movie

Upload : 22 Okt 2018
Channel  : Movies Ka Baap
Duration : 2.16.48
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Movies Ka Baap Presents Main Hoon Lucky The Racer (Racegurram MKB) 2018 Latest Hindi Dubbed Movie | Movies Ka Baap

Lucky hatches a plan to capture some of his assets and he fools Shiva Reddy and gets the list of his assets. Lucky arrests Ram as the first act of the day in front of his family, knowing that the honest Ram would try to stop Lucky from bringing justice illegally to Shiva Reddy. With the help of media and Kill Bill Pandey, he traps Shiva Reddy and his father. Now frustrated, Govardhan requests Ram to stop him by reinstating him. As Lucky arrests Shiva Reddy, Ram arrests him and takes him to the police station where the Chief Minister (Sayaji Shinde) and Govardhan decide to kill Lucky. Ram initially agrees, but realizes that Lucky did all of this to show his brotherly love for Ram. With a change of heart, Ram tells them that he will inform the public that his brother did all these things illegally to save the people. He also gloats that the people believe that the CM and home minister did this one-day operation, and are planning to re-elect the same government. The CM and Home Minister realise that the entire operation has provided them a golden ticket and ask lucky to go free. but lucky blackmails them that he will surrender the truth before the media. Out of options, the CM and Home Minister beg lucky to go free and silent. Lucky makes his demands that this team should continue and Kill Bill Pandey must be its leader in order to hide the fact that Shiva Reddy's destruction was a personal agenda and Lucky also tells them to give independent powers to sincere police officers for a better future.Lucky also demands to give his same power to his eldest brother, as it will results 10 times better. Both ministers agree to all of his demands. While conversing they let Shiva Reddy run from the jail. As he runs, he is killed by the constable Rajeev (Rajiv Kanakala) who happened to be Sameer's murderer,(as he was blackmailed at gun point to kill sameer or let his entire team get killed) as well one among the special team Lucky made. Lucky and Ram are united, like their mother wished, while Kill Bill, headed to the team of frustrated police officers as requested by Lucky, gives a speech. The film ends with a happy note as the family reunites.

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